Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Last Wave

Some people may be wondering about my nom de guerre. Is it a reference to the Beatles' seminal mindfuck Revolution 9? Well, yes and no. When I first listened to Revolution 9, I was blown away by the shear mindfuckery of it. It made my skin feel all tingly. I was nine (synchronicity, see) and hadn't killed my first person yet. My foster parents loved the Beatles and played them for me often, but this was the first piece of their music that I really loved.

But my name wasn't just taken from that. There was a story I read later on, after I had already starting killing but before I had taken my true calling as an Agent of the Quiet, called 1408. It was by Stephen King and it was about a hotel room. It wasn't a haunted hotel room. As one of the characters remarked, it was simply an "evil fucking room." And when the main character is inside, he tries to make a phone call, but is only able to hear bizarre phrases, starting with: "This is nine! Nine! This is nine! Nine! This is Ten! Ten! We have killed your friends! Every friend is now dead! This is six! Six!"

Such a scary thing to hear. My love for the story (and, in particular, that phrase) combined with Revolution 9 made me choose my name when I become a member of the House of Nothing.

No more time for backstory, ladies and gents.

 -- Number Nine

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