Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Last Call

The young lady who posted on this blog is dead. She has been in this state for several months now. If you wish to know how, I direct your attention to this post.

I am the old man in the Katabasis Station she met before meeting her end. As names are unimportant, one can simply call me the Intermediary. Before leaving the Station, I'm afraid she took several files with her, which is how she knew so much about her intended targets.

She was a very troubled young woman, very sad and I believe a little lonely. Of the files she stole, I believe one was her own file, so I cannot find her real name nor her history (though I am sure that someday the file will reappear with all relevant information). The last look she gave me was enough for me to realize how scared she was, so I do not begrudge her for the thefts.

I recall, back when I was young and didn't work at this Station, I would go to a bar with my friends and drink until the bartender called the last call. And one night, my friend, quite drunk, said to me, "I think if everyone would just shut up, it might be quiet around here sometime." I think Ms. Nine would have agreed with that sentiment.

So to Number Nine, requiescat in silentio.